How To Avoid Theft This Summer

Summer is in session! As I am sure Seattleites everywhere have been enjoying the beautiful summer weather, unfortunately when the suns out it appears the thieves are out too! The summer season always seems to bring heightened numbers of theft. In order to protect ourselves, we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to avoid being victims of theft!

Here are just a few tips: 

– When you leave your car, do NOT leave anything in the car. (thieves will take ANYTHING, even things as little as change sometimes)

-IF there is a reason you need to leave something of value in your car, leave it in the trunk.

-Do not leave any bags in your car, thieves may just break the window if they feel it is potentially something of value.

Theft is not limited to car break-ins, but also bicycle theft and home burglaries. Always think twice before leaving anything in plain view sight and make sure you always lock your windows while your away even though it is hot outside!

To get more tips and see this article, visit the Seattle Police Department Blotter.